Monday, April 9, 2012

RESERVED: Clint Carl Flower Shop

Referred by our Coordinator M Events c/o Grace.

From our email transaction/s mejo nahirapan ako kausapin si Leia (owner of Clint Carl Flower Shop) so I asked Grace if she could help me with Leia and we all had agreed to meet her at Dangwa, April 9, 2012 at 9am.

But due to unforeseen incident, we arrived in Dangwa past 10am. I meet with Leia, and she answer all of my question/s and request. YEEY!! She even got me a fan with flower for my ninang. She showed me some of the flowers that she will be using and she is very accommodating and flexible with my request. I am glad Grace recommend her to me.

At the same day we reserve Clint Carl for my florist.

Peso Power: Php 8,000 (down-payment: P3,000 remaining on the day of the wedding)


  • Bride - Yellow Equidorian Roses with two tone Red Carnations with fillers and crystal beads
     For the rest of the Entourage - Gerbera, Roses, Carnations combination/s of Red, Yellow and white

  • 2 Moms
  • 1 Maid Of Honor
  • 1 Brides Maid
  • 3 Secondary Sponsors
  • 6 Flower Girls - Flower balls w/ black headbands
  • 6 Female Principal Sponsors - Silk black fan with flowers
  • Freebies: Petals (yellow, red and white), throw bouquet, Bridal car or Offertory Basket



  1. if you still have time to back out.. please do so.. Leia is indeed charming and easy to talk to at first but also a sure disaster!!!! she just freaked me out on my wedding day! she may have delivered good service to whomever we see in her albums( if those are really her clients) but just an unsolicited advise.. do not risk to ruin your day because of this florist..

    - Jacqueline

  2. yeah, jacqueline is was a nightmare that i booked leia in the first place...they were 3 hours late and every detail that you've planned for so long hindi nya was so frustrating...if its not too late, id suggest you better look for a different florist...

  3. I wish I read these comments before I booked this florist. A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!!!! For anyone who is planning to book CLINT CARL FLOWER SHOP as their supplier, please save your money and spend it elsewhere. My wedding was last Saturday, May 9. Days earlier, I called to inform them that the preparation venue was changed. I asked for Lea, the owner, so I can talk to her personally. I was transferred to this girl who sounded to be busy and asked if I can hold. I said sure, I can wait. Then she put the phone down and ended the call. How rude was that? I let that pass and texted them instead - there was no reply at all. I called again the next day, this time, someone entertained me. I told her the specific place where the flowers need to be delivered and I asked them what time they will arrive. She said that they will arrive at 9AM. My wedding day came and we were planning to arrive at the preparation place at 8 AM. Then at around 6:30 in the morning, someone was calling me saying that the flowers are already there. BAKIT ANG AGA?? Wala pong magrerecieve sa inyo jan... I told them. But I thought, Oh well, It's better early than late, so I asked the groom if he can drive over to the place and receive the flowers. When he arrived 15 minutes later, the people who delivered seemed to be in a hurry and demanded for the payment. He was shown a list and the amount he needed to pay, so he handed over the cash.. While he was talking to the guard and asking if they can move the flowers into the venue (since it was still too early), the delivery van left. The groom did not have the chance to counter-check if the delivery was complete, they did not even hand him a receipt as proof that they have received our payment. Please note that the package we got from them, included FREEBIES which are: Petals, Throw Bouquet, Bridal Car Flowers and Delivery. There are no "or" or "/" in this statement so that means we will be getting ALL of these freebies. But no... Only the Throw bouquet was included. I called to confront the girl who delivered and she told me.. "Mam, wala po talagang Bridal Car flowers, naka cross-out po sya... Dun naman po sa resibo, pasensya na po, nakalimutan po namin magdala.. kung gusto nyo po i-email na lang namin sa inyo.. Pero wag po kayo mag-alala kumpleto naman po yan..." What??? I'm sure you would say that, but how can we be sure when you left without even counting the flowers in front of us? Pano pa kita hahabulin kung nagmadali na kayong umalis as soon as nakuha nyo yung bayad?.. The girl was speechless. I thought I shouldn't be pouring out my anger to her since she's only an employee, so I decided to talk to the owner. I called their office and a girl answered the phone. While I was in the middle of my rant, the voice on the other line changed and I was suddenly talking a man...who had no idea what I was talking about. SOBRANG BASTOS na i-pasa yung phone sa iba habang nagsasalita ka. I told the guy to transfer me back to the girl I first talked to... He said.. "Mam, wala po kasi sila dito nasa wedding fair po sila sa may Pasay... tawag na lang po kayo sa.. sa ano.. ano ba yun?.. then he put the phone down! Imagine my FRUSTRATION.. on my wedding day pa mismo! I had to ask my brother to go to a flower shop and buy flowers for the bridal car... sobrang hassle. When we walked out of the church, wala man lang petals naitapon yung guests namin..kaya ang lungkot... And to think, NAGBAYAD NAMAN KAMI NG TAMA. I know it's too late to fix whatever boo boo's CLINT CARL FLOWER SHOP has contributed my wedding, so I only think it's right to WARN other couples out there - DO NOT GET CLINT CARL FLOWER SHOP as your florist for your wedding day. DO NOT BE A VICTIM like us. Save yourself the drama and stress and book someone else.

    - Cristina (got married on May 9 2015)

  4. just booked clint carl last sat sa wedding expo! May gosh! Pano pa ako aatras sayang ang downpayment!!! Huhu

  5. just booked clint carl last sat sa wedding expo! May gosh! Pano pa ako aatras sayang ang downpayment!!! Huhu

  6. just booked clint carl last sat sa wedding expo! May gosh! Pano pa ako aatras sayang ang downpayment!!! Huhu

  7. oh no! I booked clintcarl na din! I wish I read these reviews earlier. pano ko pa kaya makukuha yung downpayment ko?

  8. oh no! I booked clintcarl na din! I wish I read these reviews earlier. pano ko pa kaya makukuha yung downpayment ko?

  9. Hi Dyosa the Explorer, may i ask kung ang naexperience mo re: Clintcarl? Thanks

  10. Leia always asks for the payment in the morning during the delivery of the entourage flowers which is weird because the payment should be given to them at the end of the reception like all of the other suppliers. Also, i gave them a peg for the backdrop of the ceremony but it looked so kawawa due to very little flowers. it's so far from the peg i gave them. i regret getting them as my florist. yes, they are cheap but so as their output. everytime i see my wedding photos, i get pissed. if i could redo my wedding i would get a stylist.

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  12. Clintcarl lang sa lahat ng suppliers ko ang bwiset nung binook ko sila ng bridal fair ang ayos nila kausap pero nung wedding na mismo puro sakit ng ulo, iba iba ang colors ng flowers at hndi nasunod ung church flowers ko ni isang rose wala eh un ang nasa contract, nagmukhang kawawa ung bridal car at church flowers dahil kakapiranggot mga nilagay nilang bulaklak sobrang sakit sa ulo, they promised na magrerefund sila araw araw kesho magdedeposit daw pero until now wala pa din, kung ayaw nyo sumakit ulo nyo dont book them grabe yang clintcarl! - Joney